Thursday, January 8, 2015

There is a better way

Long ago doctors used Penicillin to treat Pneumonia
Now most bacteria are resistant to Penicillin - So most doctors have stopped using Penicillin to treat pneumonia. They use other Antibiotics.

When it comes to implementing and enacting Public Policies the ground game has changed.

So, why are we using the same OLD tactics to get things done ?
Obviously we are not going to "win" the game.
 - That is like using Penicillin for Pneumonia - The patient will die :(

So how can WE THE PEOPLE get the politicians to listen to us ?

Let us look at the facts on the ground (I know these facts are NOT FAIR - But we have to remember that these ARE the facts.
  • 95% of the time the person who wins an election is the person who has the most money.
  • And only 0.01% of us have the kind of money the Politicians want.
  • Therefore Politicians are forced to hob nob with the 0.01% and make them and the multinational Corporations happy.  Otherwise THEY are going to loose THEIR job.
  • Do not believe me ?  Please click here to see the daily change in net worth on the top 100 Billionaires on  (For example on the 27th of February, Mr Koch's net wealth increased by 50 million in one day and Ms Walton's net wealth increased by 46 million in one day)

Even the so called SMALL Political PACS that we have  DO NOT have the kind of money the Politicians need.  So the politicians will "listen" to these small PACs ONLY IF the policy is okay with the 0.01% of us who are very rich and the large multinational Corporations.

Conclusion - Money IS NO LONGER our Strength

And those $5 to $500 donations - think about what happens to them - they will be used to buy advertisements in the Main Stream Media - currently owned by 5 Large Corporations.  So basically YOU made these large Corporations and their owners richer.  And YOU lost the $5 that you need to buy food for your family :(


Our strength lies in NUMBERS

That may be why there is a constant attempt by some to divide us

Conservatives vs Liberal
Muslims vs Christians
Male workers vs Female workers
Pro choice vs Pro life
Union workers vs Non Union workers  etc etc etc

For the first time in the US we have been brainwashed into thinking that a person with a different ideology is "OUR ENEMY" 

Not a fellow American with a different point of view

We in turn play in to this theme by demonizing folks that have a different point of view.  And this theme gets reinforced.

We HAVE TO CHANGE this division NOW

As medical doctors I believe that this is the biggest Public Health problem we face today.

So what can we do ?
We need to do everything in our power to Unite the USA.

I strongly believe that we should use the resources of our small political PACS for this purpose. 

Trying to support individual Politicians by giving them money is NOT going to get us any where.

Please will you join me ?

Please click here to learn the 6 steps that you could take to have this conversation.

Yes it is an uphill battle
But it is a battle we can win

We have to have this conversation with one person at a time

Together we can create a ground swell that will be hard to defeat

And that my friends is the only way we will win this battle ...

Thank you

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