Saturday, November 29, 2014

High Five Movement

Dear Friends

I cried my heart out the day Trayvon Martin died.

Then I started to read everything I could find about the situation. The history, clinical psychology, personal opinions, historical data and looked within my heart to find out what we can do to make a difference.

This is my humble opinion about this problem and I will share a simple action we can take to make a difference TODAY.


We are NOT going to find a solution to a problem that started in 1619 tomorrow.
But BEFORE we find a solution, we need to UNDERSTAND the WHY

Next we need to create a series of steps to find a solution to this horrible problem our country is facing.

First step is to understand the "why"
Second step is to look within you and understand how you perceive this problem.
Third step is to create a dialogue between the parties involved with the intention of creating solutions.
Final step is to create public policies to solve this problem.


We have to do something NOW

This is a Simple Solution to stop our kids dying NOW

Please note this is NOT about 'Victim Bashing"
This is about 'Victim" Empowerment and Saving their lives NOW


Mahatma Gandhi once said
"The enemy is Fear
We think it is Hate
But it is Fear"

Scientists have found out that all human beings subconsciously make split second decisions when they see another human being.

Our previous cultural, religious and societal input helps us to make these decisions.

Theses subconscious, split second decisions belong to two categories
a. Is this a friendly person - someone who is NOT going to harm me
b. Is this a person that may harm me

If our subconscious mind decides that it is a person that is going to harm me, our body elicits what is called the "Fight or Flight" reaction

When the Fight of Flight part of the brain is activated - the part of the brain that "reasons"  becomes less active

Just now a large percentage of people in the USA has a negative perception about Young African, Latino and Muslim Men.

The only way we can SAVE THEIR LIVES is to change this perception

And we have to do this NOW ...

So how can we do this ?

Here is one way we can change this perception

Please stay with me for one moment....

What if we created a High Five Movement

A Movement with a Logo like this
(Of significance is that this is an out line of the hand of Doctor Martin Luther King)

Then invite Young African, Latino, Muslim and other Ethnic minorities who are Americans to join in

They pledge to :

  • Respect Everyone, Love Everyone and Actively Listen to Everyone
  • Adopt a healthy lifestyle
  • Go to school and complete their education
  • Give back to their community
  • Love our country and Love Mother Earth

Proudly wear a cap or a wrist band to show they are active participants of this movement.  

Yes, all the nay sayers will come after us.

But we will start changing the perception and the fear that is associated with a Young African, Latino, Muslim and Other Minorities.

People will start associating the Positive Logo with the person who is wearing it.

And even if we saved One Person from dying - it would be worth our while.

We will also help these young men and women to grow up with a set of values that will help them as well as help society as a whole.
It will Empower them
And that in turn will help them to achieve their dreams

A win win situation

Please Click Here to take the pledge today.  Then take a moment to share with all your friends

Here is our web site

Thank you

Reference Articles
1. Perception

2. How our brains perceive Race

3. Why Police shoot young black men

4. Test your bias

5. An extensive study on the bias against Black kids

6. Historical perspective

6. Spider Vs Butterflies


  1. What of we...taught white people to reckonize and unlearn their biases instead of blaming marginalized people for their victimization at the handa of racists?

    And women? Or do women just not matter?

    1. Agree
      We ALL need to understand and educate each other
      That is the ONLY way, to find a permanent solution
      let us all do our part
      And hopefully come together to make this world a better place for all of us