Sunday, July 9, 2017

Warriors and Caregivers

Did you know that we are born with certain traits ?

You may be a Caregiver or a Warrior 
These same traits are seen all over the world - in the US, The Middle East, Asia and in Africa.

Most of us have a combination of both traits (but a very small percentage of the population will have one or the other)

In the USA people with the Warrior trait are called Conservatives.  And Caregiver trait are called Progressives or Liberals.

Values of a Warrior :

  • Avoid Harm and Protect the weak 
  • Be Fair
  • Respect Authoritythis is a good trait as long as the folks in a position of Authority are good people.  Otherwise Warriors can be mislead by a person they respect.
  • Group LoyaltyThis may lead a person to abandon right and wrong in order to safe guard the interest of the group 
  • Purity 

Values of a Caregiver :
  • Avoid Harm and Protect the weak  
  • Be fair
  • Instead of authority, they believe in equal power - This can make their team less efficient as they try to accommodate everyone's point of view
  • Instead of Group Loyalty, they are willing to invite others in 
  • Highly Empathetic - Sometimes can be mislead
  • Purity 

This has been the moral truth for centuries.

Each individual looks at life through their own set of values.

And each individual ALWAYS thinks that THEY are right and the other person is wrong - that is our default.

Another way of saying this is that we all have what is called Cognitive Dissonance.

So, what is Cognitive Dissonance ?

This has been the moral truth for centuries

So, why does it feel like there is more anger and hatred among us now ?

Well, that is because something HAS changed...

What HAS changed is that a lot of organizations mostly in the US have tried and (in my opinion) succeeded in defining folks with a different ideology as 'THE ENEMY'

This has created a massive imbalance and anger and a disregard for people with a different ideology both in the US and in other parts of the world.

This anger and hatred is destroying ALL of us

Both as Individuals
And as a Nation

When we are angry and frustrated the part of the brain that is most active is the 'fight or flight' part.  And the activity of the Frontal lobe which governs reasoning goes down.

That is why conversations about Solutions to the problems we face are ending up as arguments and heated fights ...

We are not able to make good decisions if our main emotion is anger.

As most religions state, the best decisions are made when we are calm and at Peace.

In a flourishing democracy the leadership of a country will have some folks that are Warriors and others that are Caregivers.  

Unfortunately this balance is no longer present in the USA and also in some other countries in the world.  The reasons for this are many.

But the main reason is that a group of organizations have tried and (in my opinion) succeeded in defining folks with a different ideology as 'THE ENEMY'
Rather than a Fellow American with a different point of view.

So what should we do ?
How can we resolve this issue ?
How can we Unite the USA and the world ?

The SOLUTION  is Simple

We need to UNITE and bring people with different political ideologies together.

And there is only ONE way to do that.  That is by educating each other about these concepts.

One person at a time.

Please click here to learn the 6 steps that you could take to have this conversation.

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Yes it is an uphill battle
But it is a battle we can win

We have to have this conversation with one person at a time

Together we can create a ground swell that will be hard to defeat

And that my friends is the only way we will win this battle ...

1. TED talk from Prof Haidt

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